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The Stars & the Soldier


Tracks for stargazing lovers in a bright, endless universe. An adventure through hyperspace featuring a soldier-for-hire more machine than woman and a mysterious alien princess in need of a spaceship.

First in a series of queer sci-fi/fantasy mixes, a spinoff of my Queer Fairytale lineup.

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35 tracks
7 comments on The Stars & the Soldier

ah, but this is amazing! (as per usual, of course.) i LOVE the concept and it's oddly difficult for me to find good scifi soundtracks to listen to, so this is really handy too :-) Great job!

@callasargent Thank you! I actually found a ton of great sci-fi music as I was looking out for this one, so I think I'm going to do another sci-fi themed one in the future, just with a different twist. Thanks so much for your kind comment, I'm really glad you dug it :D

@cesarhan Oh man, I TOTALLY agree. LGBT stories are SO lacking in genre narratives. I think coming of age stories are good and all, but that's far from all I want! I want stories where the central concern in a character's life is not their burgeoning queerness, y'know?

Layering some ambient space noises kicked this already A-grade mix up to an A+. Please keep making these excellent mixes, they're quality every time!

@AquaHibiscus Thank you so much for this kind comment! And not to worry, I'm currently working on my next three mixes simultaneously. Just takes a while sometimes to fill up my standard 35-per-mix quota, but I'm always on the lookout for new music. Thanks again! :D

@linkeepsitreal I always get excited when I see a new one posted, and the 35-song minimum is the perfect length to not worry about switching mixes for a while but not so long that I get bored with the mix (also, A+ for use of Steven Universe and Dark Parables music) They're always worth the wait!

@AquaHibiscus Thanks so much! And yeah, re: the length, I find that 35 is a good number for just letting it play in the background as I write or work or do something else. But often there's a general chronology to suggest a story and that means some of the better tracks get placed rather late, so I never want to make them so long that people will never get to them! I'm so glad you dig them though, they really are a labour of love for me! The next one is likely going to be a soft western-themed one... :)