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The Wings & the Dark


The sound of wings unfurling in the dark, rolling heavily against the floor towards him, is the only indication that a god has come to visit. To look upon him means death; to turn away, agony.

Part of a series of gendermixed myths, this time featuring a take on the Cupid/Psyche myth, of a third-born son wedded to a god he can only meet at night under cover of darkness. Tracks that call to mysterious nights, hopeful dawns, and endless skies.

35 tracks
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awwww how did you know Eros and Psyche was my favorite myth~? the mix is well worth the wait, as usual, so much old-fashioned romance but also a lot of mystery! A+ mix, yet again

@AquaHibiscus I've honestly been working on this one for MONTHS, I had a hard time figuring out a vision for it. Ultimately went with a night/day theme with the occasional flying breaks (since he's Cupid and all). So jazzed you liked it, though! I love this myth too!

@linkeepsitreal man, after this and the Hades/Persephone mix, you've nailed two of my four favorite greek myths! *crosses fingers for Icarus and/or Narcissus/Echo mixes*