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runnin' wild with the one i love


his laughter, bright sun and the shouts of kindergarten kids streaming through the window, freebasing cocaine in closets, Xanax, skateboards, your head on his shoulder, trees like a giant's ribcage, vodka, a body love activates deranged and wild as a daffodil, Camel Wides, Marlboro Reds, bongs boiling on your mom's kitchen stove, frogs in an old swimming pool, weed tea, flower rubbings from biology textbooks, row boats, throwing chickens in the air and watching them fly, legs as fluttering bats, smoking the rest of the chronic, rooms spinning and closing in, windows opening up, Disney blankets, falling asleep on the floor, wanting him to make a move, missing calls, gum, wake and bake, regretting things that didn’t happen, forgetting things that did

20 tracks
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