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Linnéa's Treehouse Mix


This is what I think of as the perfect little mix for a rainy day, you know one of those days when you just wish you had a treehouse or something to go away and hide in. Take a minute for yourself, maybe resurrecting some childhood memories or just float away in your imagination.

Cover Art: *Copyright 2011. All rights reserved. Made by Linnéa Björnfot*

12 tracks
3 comments on Linnéa's Treehouse Mix

i love this mix :) my name is linnea as well and so i was so excited to find such a beautiful mix and even better, has my name :) great work!! love it!!

Well I've been listening to it since you posted it and it has certainlybfit the bill :) Welcome, by the way and I'll definitely keep my ears to to ground as far as your mixes go :)

Thank you! This is my first playlist here on 8tracks. Wanted to create the sort of cozy, sad mix of songs that I tend to listen to in the autumn :)