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A collection of addictive grooves from the days when a mix of disco and cocaine fuelled a dance floor revolution that emancipated a generation and changed the world. You won't find any Dancing Queens, Kung Fu Fighting, Saturday Night Fevers or Disco Infernos here. This mix is largely for the Disco Underground with just a smattering of mainstream numbers thrown in for balance and, just like any good sandwich, there's a thin slice of disco cheese, too. Finally, heads up, this mix is over four hours long, which may or may not be a good thing depending on the depth of your disco addiction.

40 tracks
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One of these tracks is seventeen minutes long so, like, just be aware of that. I placed it last in the track list but I know 8Tracks randomises mixes after the first play, or something like that. The track in question is called Here Comes That Sound Again by Love Deluxe, a great track but, like, yeah, it's pretty long.