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Bonjour my friend,

While i'm making this playlist it's the 11th of the 11th, how lovely.
So I guess that's a good reason to make this 'Eleven' playlist, whit 11 amazing&beatifull songs.

Have fun listening to it!
(Even though it isnt't 11-11 while you listening ;) )


11 tracks
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So good. Really like that you're not cliche. Do you have an old chill mix in you? John Lennon, Neil Young, Bob Dylan? ;)

Thanks for the great compliment!! Yes i guess you can say that, that are some great names I really like listening to. Sometimes I wish I was born a little bit earlier, because the music was so much better, back in the days. Thank god we have youtube, so we can stil listen to it, haha!To bad you don't have a mix, I would like to listen to it ;)