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ebb and flow: writer's vol. 1


a collection of murmurs, afterthoughts, and sighs -- disguised as romantic and classical music. selection is kept in mind for writers -- for all your short stories, vignettes, novels, and works-in-progresses. also wonderful for studying, daydreaming, or an introduction to some great instrumental works. selection includes Schubert, Faure, Rachmaninoff, Grieg, Scarlatti, Brahms, and Debussy.

update: thank you for letting this playlist reach platimum! i hope you've all enjoyed it. The second volume has been released:

14 tracks
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this is really warm and cozy. at low volume it's perfect ahh classical music is so underrated but then again it's a matter of taste and preference. thank you for introducing me to some new pieces! Faurè is cool beans.

my family is always so loud and I can hear them from my room while im doing homework so I always wanna listen to music to drown it out but I can never concentrate but this playlist is so perfect I can even do my math homework while listening to it