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lovers instead

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YES A VALGRACE MIX!!!! i love valgrace so much but theres no playlists for them! im making one and i thought it would be the first im so happy!! ty!!!

@hatchergold ayy, thank u so much!! i'm happy to see another valgrace shipper, especially one who's going to make a no doubt great mix for em :) also, i've seen a few valgrace mixes (they're all lovely, but so few in number) and i could recommend them to you if you'd like :)

@little lionheart im guessing that theyre in the valgrace tag on here, so ill just go check. thank you though! also, can you recommend any valgrace art? i need it for the cover art for my mix. i cant get on tumblr since i do everything on a school computer bc mine at home is broken, so tumblr is blocked, and looking up "valgrace tumblr" on google dosent bring up much (and theyre all too small for cover art)

@hatchergold yes they are hehe :) and im sorry because all the valgrace art i know is on tumblr... try going to deviantArt maybe? Or resizing the images you find on google? Or perhaps finding a browser that lets you go on tumblr (like OpenDoor?) :? Sorry if my answer isn't helpful, and I wish you the best of luck in finding the perfect cover art