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silent & tragic


"I am Tsubaki, a flower without fragrance.. and when I fall, it will be silent and tragic."

Instrumentals for Tsubaki [Soul Eater].

Updated 16th August 2014.

  • [SnK] The Reluctant Heroes Piano Version ~ Full ~ by Nuni is a dork
  • Dream (Piano Solo) by Yiruma
  • Kingdom Hearts Piano Collections Field & Battle by Lazy Afternoon
  • Boats and Birds (Instrumental Cover) by Gregory and the Hawk
  • The Book Thief (Piano Version) by Josh Belperio
  • Kingdom Hearts by Kingdom Hearts
  • Arrival of the Birds by The Cinematic Orchestra
  • Goodbye Brother by Paris23_
  • Rue's Farewell (piano) by Benjamin Swanson 3
9 tracks