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Nishinoya's iPod


This is my first playlist soo.. yeah! I would think Noya would listen to rap and trap remixes to get his blood flowin'. Enjoy!

edit 7/22: I fixed some of the tracks and added a song
edit 8/24: added more songs! i'll add new ones every month or so
edit 9/2: deleted some songs, added others. I changed quite a bit this time, whoops

17 tracks
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this is the fuckin shit bruh i fuckin love this mess now when i watch haikyu and see nova I'm going to think of this shit right here. thank you so much for making this you should make another

love the update :)) please continue!! listening to this right now doing work... and patiently waiting for more haikyuu #struggle

@sachen3 thank you!! i'll definitely keep adding to this track as long as I stumble upon some new songs to add. and i completely feel you, october seems so far away ;_;