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black and white


for those days you just want to disappear or when you have far too much on your mind.

fall asleep to this; or, if you'd rather, lie with your eyes open.

8 tracks
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Hi do you still use this account? I listen to this every night to sleep and absolutely love it. I was just going to let you know the track 'New Moon' doesn't play anything :( its silence. If you ever have a chance can you fix it?

@lib_69 oh my gosh, every night??? thank you so much!! i'm so glad you enjoy this playlist (so i'm guessing you have something to do with the 20,000+ plays, haha) i checked out 'new moon' and it played fine for me, but i re-uploaded it anyways. hopefully this fixes the issue, i don't want such a beautiful song to be left out :')

@kennymatthew hey it's you again! glad you're checking out more of my playlists :) sorry, i don't think i'll add more to this playlist, but you can check out keys to my heart (my first playlist ever!) for more beautiful piano.