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an atlas of me

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when I first listened to this mix I identified with and enjoyed 50-65% of the songs, but found some of the "harder" songs (more aggressive riffs, scream-like vocals) discordant with the rest of the mix. however, I have listened to this playlist many times now, and have been in a variety of moods while listening, and really appreciate this mix in full. I see how the songs that were initially unexpected to me fit into the playlist, and find that there isn't a song in this mix that i can't identify. I'm stunned by the thoughtfulness required to not just compile this playlist, but to create the masterpiece in such a way as to tell a story. I love that the playlist is called "Atlas of Me" because whether you listen to it in its entirety or in part, it takes you /reminds you of a journey. I can't help but think that whoever compiled this playlist has had an incredible journey - not always an easy journey, but a beautiful one. the show must go on! thank you so much for sharing!