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Get Up, Roommate!!!


This mix is dedicated to my friend and soon-to-be roommate @Theo.markou !!!

I met Theo about a year ago at one of our dance classes and well, i knew he would be a great friend right away!! He always says how much he loves my mixes and he shows them to people so i was like "HEY! I want to make a mix for you!". And he said he wanted a wake up/alternative/upbeat mix!

So! Here's 22 old&new tracks including music by Artic Monkeys, The Fratellis and Foster the People.

Hope you like it buddy!!! <3

21 tracks
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Omg!! It's trueee!!! :D I...I have...have no idea what to say!!! I just want you to know that I love it and definitely i will push that play button before even I have my coffee or anything else!! It's exactly what I always wanted!! I love you, and I am really lucky to have you as one of my friends!! :D :D <3