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Just a mix with all the tracks i've been so freaking obsessed with recently. I actually made it for myself on my itunes (so i can play it on repeat all the time, you know?) but then i thought, why not share it with my 8tracks buddies too? ;)

19 tracks including music by City and Colour, Imagine Dragons and The Lumineers

For "More Obsessions" check out!! :)

18 tracks
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Hi, I wanted to say hi and wish you a joyful holiday season with time to spend as you please. Enjoy, relax, veg and chill.

Hello Melissa!! Thank you so much, you are so thoughtful! I wish you all the best as well! Hope you get some good rest, be with nice people, share love and hapiness!
See you around :)

Hi, I hope you've been enjoying your summer. I was looking at your Favorites list and saw Coldplay Paradise, a band and song I like as well. Have you ever heard of "The Piano Guys"? They do a remake/cover of the song Paradise, it's called Peponi. Here's the youtube link: Let me know what you think!

Okay this is insane. Like 30 minutes ago I was reading the comment you left on this particular mix on April or something. No joke!! My summer has been okay, hope yours has been amazing!!

I love it! It's funny though cause Peponi in Greek means Melon! haha I've heard of the Piano Guys before though and i think they are great! They make the original piece sound so much different but still amazing. It's pure beauty.

What is an appropriate amount one should listen to this mix? Is daily too much...? :P Cause that's literally how often I do. It's amazing. You have wonderful taste! :D

haha!! music is never too muchhhh!!! thank youuu!!! when you get tired of this i made a new mix called 'More obsessions"! It's similar so maybe you'll like it!! :)

Has anyone told you lately that you're awesome? I want you to know that you have turned me on to some new bands and songs that I don't think I would have discovered if it wasn't for you and 8tracks. I love music, it's a huge part of my life. I never ventured past the music that plays on the radio. I was stuck in the the mainstream. I'm now obsessed with Radical Face and City and Colour thanks to you. The first time I listened to your mix I really liked it. Now, 50 times later, I still can't get enough. I listen to it almost every day and I believe my musical tastes have grown thanks to you. I can't thank you enough for making this mix.

wow i can't thank you enough for this comment!!! You just gave a huge smile on my face! :D I am really happy that i could do that! Like you, i am in love with music, i can't spend a day without listening to music. I am also in love with 8tracks cause it's an amazing place to discover new music! I can spend hours on here. My music horizon broadens more and more every day. Thanks again for your kind words!! I'll try to post a second "Obsessions" mix soon just for you! haha :)