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Indie Folk Remixed Vol.2


Indie Folk with a rather different twist- here's to folk tunes that are ultimately remixed.

I had a rather hard time with this mix - I don't think folk & remix really go good together and I kept running into tracks which didn't do the originals any justice. After plenty of effort I feel I found some remixed folky tunes in which artists like Bon Iver, Passenger, Edward Sharpe and Mumford & Sons sound just as good.

Check out Vol.1:

14 tracks
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Totally Fucking Awesome Lion Woman, you did another fantastic job here. I agree, remixed folk generally sounds like a cross between wet shower farts and chalkboards being scraped, but this really is amazing. You had me at the first song. So glad I decided to spend the day with your mixes! I recommend to others they do the same, they won't regret it... peace and god bless.