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Instrumental Goosebumps


I cannot begin to describe how these make me feel. Some eerily creeped out, some moved and some extremely happy. These are my favourite 10, progressing from le creepy to the most happiest/inspirational at the end.

I hope these make you feel what words fail to express.
Oh, and close your eyes for the beginning of the first song, it gives it a special feeling.

Ludovico Einaudi, Thomas Newman and Yann Tiersen amongst some

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"Into The Fray" is actually "The City Surf", by Jamin Winans, also from a soundtrack (Ink). I was just about to say that it would be a great addition, when it started playing :)

sigur ros is one of my favorite bands, the songs all of them fill me with hope, motivation and inspiration, simply perfect * - *

OMG! Samuel Barber - Adagio for Strings. I thought i'd never hear this track again. As soon as i heard it, i knew what it was. Its the OST from Homeworld. It came on during a very emotional moment in the game when they're planet got destroyed. :( LOVED this game. So many memories. Thank You!!!!!!!