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INTENSE INDIE REMIX vol.VI (Birthday Edition Babyyy)


So it's MY BIRTHDAYYY today and I'm feeling all happy and stuff, so I decided to release the long anticipated Indie Remix today woooop. And I've added a special treat cause it is the birthday edition: 50+ ultimately remixed tunes that are my personal favourites. (in order of favourites) Even MORE of the most popular Indie/Alternative songs of the past months/years?Check aaand check.

Enjoy the remixes, I'm off! i decided to cut the circle image for today- a photo of me instead birthday and all.

47 tracks
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I think we have pretty much the same taste in music, all of you're mixes that i've listened to have been a mix of the music i listen to most, and new stuff thats equally awesome! These mixes are fantastic!

You are just awesome Lion Woman, Awesomeness incarnate. XOXOXOXO. Sending you love from the shores of Nova Scotia Canada.
Keep mixin it up.