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Phosphenes (n) - The stars and colours you see when you rub you eyes
Close your eyes

SO, I just finished my finals... I guess this is the beginning of new, beautiful things to come chyeaaaaaah! So here are some new & old happy, upbeat tunes to energize you anytime, anywhere.

Loads of new mixes to come cause I have been limited the past weeks due to exams. It shall all be unleased now ;)

Alt-J, Crystal Fighters and King Charles to get you going amongst some

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Haha I hadn't read your description but put this mix on when I finished my midterm exams! Funny coincidence :)
Love your taste in music!

congrats on finishing!!! doesn't it feel so exhilarating? now, let the partying begin! enjoy the best summer of your life ;) X

aaa thank you rosa mou!! :D haha it feels real good but also odd at the same time, it hasn't hit me yet that im done! i threw some of my papers out today.. it was actually quite sad! but yessss, partying begins this weekend, hope you're doing well in the meantime <3 when are you back btw?

ahh i know, it takes a while for it to sink in, thankfully there's no rush because of your nice loooong holiday :) i'm back on july 7th.. ase. >.< they don't like holidays in NL haha