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Read ad Infinitum, Write ad Infinitum


Guess who's back.

I'm in University now & needed to boost my work ethic up, pluus I haven't made a study playlist in a looong long time, so here we go.

Almost 3 hours of tracks which I've never used before to study :) Includes a mix of classical masterpieces alongside contemporary pianists - all instrumental to stay focused! + had to include my favourite Marianelli track from Pride & Prejudice

Debussy, Chopin, Einaudi

And as usual Keira thought she'd swing about

36 tracks
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This is such an amazing playlist! Relaxing, uplifting, reflective and appropriate for work or any leisure....Love it! Thanks

Thanks for this playlist it's so great ! I'm doing med school and I've been looking for a good study playlist like this for so long, I'm glad I found it ! :)

Last 2 semesters of nursing school, and this is the playlist I always return to when exams roll around! Thanks so much for helping me focus and getting me through nursing school

I get sad every time a song ends but excited because I know e next one is going to be incredible! It's everything you need in a study playlist :)