69 comments on Read ad Infinitum, Write ad Infinitum by LittleLionWoman

This is such an amazing playlist! Relaxing, uplifting, reflective and appropriate for work or any leisure....Love it! Thanks

Thanks for this playlist it's so great ! I'm doing med school and I've been looking for a good study playlist like this for so long, I'm glad I found it ! :)

Last 2 semesters of nursing school, and this is the playlist I always return to when exams roll around! Thanks so much for helping me focus and getting me through nursing school

I get sad every time a song ends but excited because I know e next one is going to be incredible! It's everything you need in a study playlist :)

This playlist is so stellar!!! Thank you for putting so much thought into this arrangement and sharing it with us to really appreciate!!

You did an amazing job in here! The songs you've (carefully) chosen are great for study sessions and reading!! Thanks for sharing with us some high quality material that brings on such inspiration :D

Stunning. Beautiful. Love it. There aren't enough words to praise. Thank you very much for sharing such wonderful music.

All of your mixes with Keira's photos are my favorite. I'm a writer and I never write with music. Always in silence. But with your music, I write. C'est une première! :-) Merci, Thank You, Grazie per la musica. Merci pour la musique. :-)