69 comments on Read ad Infinitum, Write ad Infinitum by LittleLionWoman

amazing as always!! I was looking for other playlists like yours but always end up coming back to these cause they are fantastic

helped me so much while studying! thanks! I have a playlist similar to this... I think you would like it! any chance you could check it out and possibly like it?

Hey Littlelionwoman, would you mind adding Where is my mind by Maxene Cyrin to one of your playlists? Awesome tracks btw

I am only just seeing your responses to everyones messages because I don't understand how the 8tracks comments system works cause I'm smart like that, and I must say machewwwww, you are making my day :D Stay awesome and have a lovely weekend!!

I love all your read/write mixes and this is an other great one! Keeps me focused on my studying ... so thanks (:

Your mixes are fantastic, and keeping me sane through the start of final year so probably many more listens to come, thank you so much!!