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The Supernatural.
And one huge Dimensional Portal.

-- --

A (mostly) instrumental playlist based off of those years where the author spent his days in Gravity Falls. What may start out to be an exciting journey into the unknown world of the paranormal soon takes a rather dark turn.

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8 tracks
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Wow this is good. It really feels like just a huge downward spiral. I could clearly imagine what scene was playing out in every song, so you did a great job!

This is probably one of my favourite playlists of all time... every single piece is so perfect, it's my go-to for road trips

Absolutely love this playlist. It makes me feel like the science I do at work is way more exciting than it actually is. Question, though- anytime I play the list, I only get 7 songs. Is there any chance you could post the tracklist so I could see what songs I'm missing out on? Thanks!