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work work work

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this playlist is so awesome because of so many reasons, but i think the main reason why i'm in love with the list is because i know most of the songs and i have certain connotations associated with each piece. thank you for creating this! this brings so many memories back :)

That's one of the reasons why I like to listen to this when I'm studying or trying to keep focused, because that way I entertain myself thinking about the movies or shows they're from and it makes it a bit less boring, don't you think? Haha :) Thank you for the commet, very sweet of you x

You have impeccable taste in music :)
I adore the mix of beautiful piano pieces mixed with film/TV soundtracks.
(Especially the Sherlock, Doctor Who and Hunger Games pieces haha)
Also, your icon and location are the best ^u^

That makes me really happy!! Thank you a lot, seriously! :D I'm glad you like it, there will probably be part II very soon ^^
Thanks again xx