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i̅̐͏̥͓̪̩̻t͇̀̇͊̍̂́̀'͎͇̄s̉ͦ҉͖ ̖̫͖m̵̥͎̜̰̞͓̲͒̒͐͌̾̉̎e̩͎̪̾ͨ͛̊͛̉ͧ́


"For the people picking Darkiplier as their favorite character of mine… I don’t know who Darkiplier is. He is not a “character” I play. I don’t even know when you all started calling him by that name.
You made him real.
And now he knows who you are.
Why did you do this..."

cover art by me, do not use without permission

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18 tracks
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Love this playlist! Fits great for darkiplier, love the songs you picked. Also helps for kicking out an essay in an hour :D

This playlist is so cool. It's the perfect mixture of chills and badassery. I will definitely be listening to this every single day. Wow. ♡♡♡

@ogashark aaaahhhhh thank you!!! that's really nice of you to say :) you should also check out my other darkiplier playlists if you haven't already >^.^<