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  • Dragon Ball GT Orquesta. by Lucho Suarez
  • Passion by Kingdom Hearts II Soundtrack
  • Sailor Moon Stars theme by haru haru
  • To Zanarkand by tapiyuki
  • Cute 68 Ano Hana Anime OST [ Last Train Home ~ Still Far ] by Vanessalxy
  • The Legend Of Zelda 25th Anniversary Medley by Dialgann
  • PM 'Orchestral' (5/15/2015 Update in Desc.) by Animal Crossing: New Leaf
  • Moonlight Densetsu [Sailor Moon Star Locket] by MusicQueen
  • 追想 by 大島ミチル
9 tracks
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lovely mix my dear!! this is a truly soothing musical experience..I also love the fact that you had the legend of zelda philharmonic, the princess jellyfish song, the sailor moon stars theme/star locket songs, and full metal alchemist tsuisou (my favorite song from the series!)

some of these songs brought back wonderful childhood memories..thanks again for sharing! keep it up!