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find the exciting things in life


Four tracks including music by HOSS Records, Yosi Horikawa, and canooooopy.

A playlist full of songs that could be classified as experimental or "weird". I tried to start it out slow, speed it up, and then slow it down again. Really fun ride. My first track list, so comment some suggestions for songs to check out! :)))) happy listening

  • Bestial Burden by Pharmakon
  • Space Is Only Noise If You Can See by Nicolas Jaar
  • Echolocation by LITE / Installation /02
  • Lover's tradition by John Talabot
  • Letter by Yosi Horikawa
    I just love the sound of the pen on paper
  • Let the World Hurry By by Pretty Lights
  • Racing With the Sun by Chinese Man
  • Copeland (Ft. Actress) — Advice To Young Girls by mewedemeyer
  • 夢見騒がしの望郷者 [too long way home] (CD album out Nov. 29, 2014) by canooooopy
9 tracks
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Early comment on the opener of this playlist: Seems like Pharmakon is a Diamanda Galas lookalike band. Not bad though. A good piece to start with. I'm looking forward to hear the rest...