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Freaky Folk(s).


Mountains. The one thing I have helplessly been in love with my entire adult life. I am constantly moving away, then moving back after a year. There is something so visceral about mountains for me. So this is a playlist of songs that remind me of my last stint in the mountains. Plenty of foot stomping, finger picking, lip licking tracks of upbeat folk songs for the hairiest of mountain men.

24 tracks
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I hope it was a celestial insight worth hearing and nothing horrible. Well if I ever come through on tour or book reading ill be sure to buy you a beer or drink of preference.

You have the most instantly likable "About Me" I have ever read. I'm now sure, were I to ever meet you, I would come away from it thinking "He was a good guy."

By the way, the first track "Soft Drugs" is our (Boone's) very own Naked Gods. Buy their albums @Funny/Not Funny records (a fantastic indie label in VA).