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My 100th Playlist-Birthday!


I started this when i was homeless, had a hell-of-a-beard, worked the night shift at a hotel and owned a record store and drank a fifth a day to cure the sadness. Now I've never been happier, i have my first salaried audio engineering job, i'm dating the girl i want to marry, and actually fell hope and joy in my life. These are the songs that i fell in love with during my journey from then to now. Enjoy, or don't enjoy, i could care less.

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You have a beautiful soul, my mad friend. She's a VERY lucky lassie, whoever she is… MASSIVE KUDOS AND RESPECT for turning your life around. I WISH I could do the same with mine but, sadly, I'm FAR TOO AUTISTIC - HOW autistic…? Well, FAR TOO MUCH for other autistic bods, THAT'S for sure. Much love and all the best, matey-dude. X❤X

Where's ya whippet…?! Don't ya know it's an unwritten law that, if ya wear a flat-cap, ya've gotta have a whippet…?! I'm from Yorkshire, an' we invented that law. Ya should just have a whippet anyway - they're just fuckin' AWESOME! X❤X

Congratulations man, many have been there but only a few have make it back! so enjoy, have fun, fild you life with all the good things in the wolrd (especialty women and beer) and keep on it!
PS, keep the MELODIC DEATH METAL coming!
nedd more mixes!