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Run-Don't Walk


It's surf rock time. Here's a little collection of hip, instrumental tunes full of teenage angst and rebellion, all shacked up in catchy instrumental numbers. What's not to like? (about the music I mean, I fucking hate the beach and hot weather and sand on my dick......)

17 tracks
5 comments on Run-Don't Walk

Fantastic! it's my go-to list for quite a few years...just love the instrumentals. Fun thing is when the Millenials ask me about it...because they find the tunes so cool and pure! Thank you.

I've got damn near every one of these tracks. in my music folder. I like this edition of Surf Beat. It's a sped up version of the one I'm used to listening to (also by Dick Dale). All you need is some rareties, mijo!

Nicely done... Cool tunes. Good choices. You found the songs with balls... I will check out your other mixes. You must have quite a pool to choose from working at a record shop...Keep it up..