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Songs to fall asleep in gutters to.


The mixtape in my walkman when i was homeless. Yes, i was really homeless for months. That was me, staggering around town, drunk on scotch, asleep on your floor, pissing on your door.

12 tracks
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Any of Speedbump's listeners interested in The Oil Skins' music are welcome to hit us up for a download code for the whole album, "Old Violence." All of the vinyls we pressed found good homes (or melted in cars), so we're happy to give it away for free. Email us at with subject MixTape.

Reggae Lloyd and the Isle Skins

^ This guy is awesome! P.S. Steve gave me that album and it became a mild phenomenon in Boone where im at now. I'd play it in my record store all the time and probably could have sold a copy a day.

Amazing mix. I once tryed to play Gogol Bordello and Tom Watts for a few friends and i got this look like wtf is this. Now where the hell do i find anything on Lloyd Phillips and the Oil Skins. Ive looked every where and i cant find this song or album any where.

Thats a band i know from Nashville. I ripped that off of a vinyl album actually. Email me at and i can send you the album :D

Of course, I'll simply make you a musical ring. A real 8 track would be the perfect solution. And endless loop of lovely music. Hm. Now that i think about that, when i do find someone bat-shit-crazy enough to marry me, maybe ill skimp on the ring and just make them a mixtape -_- haha.