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The Happy Place.


Possibly the shittiest playlist I have ever made, but they can't all be gems now can they?

If you want early 90's-2000's shit-radio-techno-pop this is your list. I mean, hey, it is happy sounding at least. Reminds me of buying a Britney Spears album in Elementary school just to look at her. Yeah, luckily I grew a beard and balls (in that order).

And hey, the picture I found is pretty radical right?

20 tracks
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Not sure if you know, but the first song on your playlist has been replaced by a soundcloud version that has someone rapping over it.

Radical, yeah, whatever dude… I'm NOT going to even bother to listen to this, cos I was well old enough to know better when these were polluting the airwaves…

I'm sorry if I came across as someone that would give two shits about what a random internet cock-monkey thinks. I don't listen to all the music I put in all my playlist's, but someone does and that's what is important; people enjoying whatever music they want to enjoy.