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Beautifully Melodic

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Absolutely gorgeous soundtrack. My new favorite. Thank you so much for putting this together. Very relaxing for reading and bedtime. Something I'm always looking for. This compilation has new pieces on it that the others do not.

It took me a WHILE to find a playlist that doesnt contain repetitive soundtracks (like Time, POTC, LOTR, etc etc). Absolutely love love love this! Thank you so much :)) Not to mention... Battlestar Galactica soundtrack??? AH! Thank you so, so much! BSG has one of the most beautiful soundtracks

Great mix! I like working with. Especially, I like the ending of "End Credits" Stanley Myers & Hans Zimmer. But link to the YouTube or searching in the YouTube gives me another composition. May be there is a mistake in the name?

Just want to let you know that David Newman - Finale from the "Jingle All the Way" album is mislabeled. It's actually David Newman - Finale from "Anastasia."

Well...that's weird. It must have been something autofill, or whatever. Those two aren't even remotely similar, haha. Thanks, I will fix it!

I've just spent the last few hours bumming on the internet, but hell if I don't feel damned EPIC sitting in my PJs with a blanket draped over my head. Thanks for creating such a wonderfully epic mix!