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♛ my favorite work of art is him


[this is a hannibal mix including instrumental pieces that, for me personally, define the whole atmosphere of the show. including music from the official ost, music from other artists and one made/edited by me.]

"he asked us what our favorite work of art was, but never could i tell it was him."

songs that paint images in our minds, drafts of scenes that never crossed our eyelids and probably never will, sitting in our imagination as an unfinished work of art.

8 tracks
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Loved this one! I've re-listened several times! WHERE THE HECK did this arcade fire ambient mix come from though? I cant seem to find it anywhere on the internet? Was it released as a digital only remix or something?? aaahh it reeks of hannibal moodiness and i love it

@DrooliaSnott thank you for your lovely comment, darling! actually, it was made by me! feel free to send me a message on tumblr (im shootngstar there) with your e-mail so i can send you the song :)