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Is It Me Or The Mania?


[Updated 07/05/16] Living with bipolar disorder is tough. People give you looks of terror when you confide in them that you have BPD. It makes you feel like no one will love you because it carries a bad stigma. You think everyone thinks youre crazy, and that your friends will walk away from you. You want to scream because you cant always blame your illness. You break things in rage. You cant tell if it was you who did it or your mania. You fear for your friends. And you fear theyll toss you aside because youre considered toxic now. Then you have days where you feel on top of the world. Your ego is inflated and you spend all the money you have. Sometimes you feel sane and you hope an episode doesnt sneak up on you.

These are just songs I feel like express MY feelings about my BPD.

33 tracks