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Cpop (^w^)/


good cpop that's not really that pop

  • 天涯 by alan-international
  • 云朵 by 云朵
  • 央吉玛悲歌《心探索版》 by Yunggiema
  • Chong Dong De Cheung Fa by Dao Lang
  • 寂静的天空—HAYA Le silence du ciel by EmmaLiu1201
  • 童丽 by 映山红
  • 呼喚 by Yunggiema
  • 青海湖 Qinghai Lake 代青塔娜 haya乐团 Дайчин Тана by Alberto cavalcoli HAYA乐团
  • 真愛無雙 by alan-international
  • Truong Luong Dinh (Jane Zhang) [NCT 7959012959] by Painted Skin (Ost)
  • 牧羊人 by 云朵
  • ongmanibamai by 代青塔娜&HAYA乐团
  • Everlasting Beauty of Prayer 祈祷永恒的美丽 by nathanield
  • 草原之夜 by 刀郎
  • Goindoi Yagla 岗堆雅拉 by nathanield
  • 倔强 by Yun Duo
16 tracks
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