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In Love With Humanity


"The only thing that matters in the end is the mission. Protecting those who would not, and cannot protect themselves—the humans. None of us is bigger than that. We will not let our fears, our self absorption prevent us from seeing it through. Not anymore."

- Gadreel | Guardian of the garden of Eden | Hero of Heaven -

A Gadreel fanmix by tumblr user angelsanddixons
Just a collection of songs that for some reason make me think of our favorite guardian of Eden.

16 tracks
1 comment on In Love With Humanity

Ahhhhhh I knew this playlist was going to be great as soon as Skylar Grey kicked it off. Lovely. All of the songs really fit. (And bless you for tossing in a Creed song at the end... something about Gadreel's leather jacket always makes me crave questionable post-90's rock)