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Listen to This - Volume C (Country's alternative)

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I created this mix series to introduce a particular good friend to different types of music. When I made this mix (Volume C), I had already made him a Wilco mix:) Enjoy!

Shocked--shocked, I was, not to have heard Wilco! The Son Volt selection was quite nice, tho, and I'm replaying the whole thing now, after my assistant today requested to hear some Ryan Adams. Good mix!

This is the first time I've ever been accused on not including Wilco in a mix. Usually people groan about how much I indulge.

(see me prior post) Of course, here's Tweedy singing with Uncle Tupelo, and I just know there's gonna be some Wilco real soon! But will The Jayhawks show up? The suspense is killing me! Real nice mix

Seven tracks in (Killing the Blues), and very enjoyable, even if there's a bit of genre-jumping going on. wouldn't quite call this an "Alt Country" mix per se, unless we're stretching the 'usual' definition. No Uncle Tupelo, Wilco, Jayhawks (yet), for example...I think I would label this,,,if I had to..."Roots-Related-Rock n' Pop n' Folk" Yeah, that sounds pretty strained to me, too...