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The girliest, most adorable playlist ever! Put on a smile, because you're a princess!
~also available on Spotify~

(I'm still adding songs to this so be sure to listen again in the future!)

This is my first kpop playlist on here even though I am totally obsessed!

(8tracks only lets you upload 2 songs per artist but my Spotify mix includes them)
-Bubble Pop - Hyuna
-Vitamin - SNSD
-Dream Candy - April

((I removed Bubble Pop because it didn't really fit anywhere but it may be back in the future. I just need to find some more songs for this playlist.))


♥♥ Thank you for listening ♥♥

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@techmanticowls Oh yeah! I totally agree! I usually make playlists on Spotify first because its easier to add/delete tracks. It's also nice because they let you add as many tracks from one artist as possible, so usually my Spotify mixes are updated as well. Thanks so much for listening!!