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☆Preparing to save...☆


Do not turn off the power...

~A collection of some sleepy video game music for when you need to rest from battle~


[WIP] tell me if you have any suggestions!

Since 8tracks doesn't allow me to put more than 2 tracks by Nintendo, here are some songs that I removed:

((Picking one Fire Emblem track was so hard ahh))
♥"Oh it's not so bad, Lissa. Just a healthy little stroll!" - Fire Emblem
♥"Friends Forever" - Pokemon X/Y
♥Howl's Moving Castle Theme (I left it out because it wasn't a video game)
♥Conquest - Fire Emblem
♥"No reaction... was I wrong then?" - Fire Emblem
♥...... - Fire Emblem

11 tracks
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