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The Legend of Aang pt 1


the story of aang from his childhood to the end of book one
artwork: la-vaniteuse.tumblr.com

1. childhood at the southern air temple
2. first you bend the ball, then you gotta get on quick!
3. the avatar will be sent away to the eastern air temple
4. running away into the storm
5. next thing i knew, i was waking up in your arms after you found me in the iceberg
6. will you go penguin sledding with me?
7. returning to the southern air temple
8. finding monk gyatso
9. kyoshi island
10. riding the delivery network in omashu
11. meeting roku on the solstice
12. the blue spirit
13. learning water bending
14. ash mixed with snow
15. fighting the fire nation ships
16. entering the spirit world
17. meeting koh the face stealer
18. the ocean spirit
19. end of book one

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