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The Legend of Aang pt 2


part 2, encompassing aang's story in books 2 & 3

artwork by alekina.tumblr.com

the annotations won't show up for me, so here they are:

1. "love is brightest in the dark"
2. return to omashu
3. "one big living organism, just like the entire world"
4. the sleepless chase; confronting azula
5. learning earthbending
6. wan shi tong's spirit library
7. losing appa; the desert
8. birth of hope
9. lake laogai
10. "you must learn to let go"
11. crossroads of destiny
12. invasion on the day of black sun
13. learning from the firebending masters
14. on the back of the lion turtle
15. the duel with ozai
16. energybending
17. the end

17 tracks
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@karkatjaeger actually, i just started working on one yesterday! it's not the same format as this one but about the spirit world :). i'm holding off on korra (at least for now?) because there's just so much to her story that i don't think i have the material for it haha