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bpd angel

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i cant ducjing type please sont twll my mom.. my mental state has deteriorated since the last time we spoke

shit boy.. n soery then !!! i didnt.. i sont know u ao i ahouldve considered other things... mm.. i just thoight.. neurodivergence wa a bad thing.. ykno

i dont understand how bpd could ever be seen as smth positive i feel as though you do not understand that it is a mental illness , a personality disorder.. it isnt jsut smth for you to take upbeat, "relatable' songs and romanticize it to the point of calling entitling it bpd angel

@ajoefoe I have BPD, i live with it and have done for years - so I do fucking "understand" it. it has objectively "ruined my life" but I've reached the point where I really fucking love my brain and the amazing things it does n the experiences it grants me. it's hell but i wouldn't give it up and dont u dare make ppl feel guilty for celebrating neurodivergence