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Lying In The Sun


For when you're eating watermelon in the grass in the summer. Smoke a cigarette (and maybe a joint), and just chill...

13 tracks
8 comments on Lying In The Sun

This is too good, im currently sat inside writing an essay looking out of the window at clear blue skies (of which scotland gets very few) and im seriously regretting ever finding this playlist. Depressed is an understatement for how i feel right now.

Alright this is. The most epic playlist ever =O it's like.. exactly my taste in music! SO EPIC AHH!!
perfect for the "maybe a joint" as well ;D

this is so happy! I've just cracked open the blinds and hooked up my speakers and now sunlight is filling the room and so is wonderful music and I can't stop smiling. great mix! :)