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Rings of Power

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I've left a comment before, but just have to say again that this is one of my absolute favorite mixes. I've been writing a lot this summer, and I start with this almost every single time. The combination of music, and the captions for them, are really all perfect!

@raisingcain well thank you again :) i'm really happy it helps you to write. i'd love to read a little bit of your work if you don't mind!

This is a really awesome Playlist! the songs you picked fit perfectly!! I can almost see the scenes in my head! Awesome job! :) Makes me really wanna watch a movie about the Rings of Power and the war in Eregion

I'm very very picky when it comes to Tolkien-related music, because in my opinion Howard Shore created perfection already, but this mix and your choice of songs hits the nail on the head and is worthy of a movie (oh how I yearn for such a movie, too) - so yeah, I fell deeply madly in love with your mix :)

@sassysasori thank you so much!! howard shore created perfection indeed, it's difficult to imagine another music for middle earth. i tried to create a completely different atmosphere and i'm glad you liked it :D