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NEW YORK A 43-year-old man was killed and two guys, aged 45 and 48, have been wounded in a shooting early Monday at an entrance to New York City's Penn Station transportation hub in Manhattan, police said.

It is critical to have a new thoughts set. Get rid of the clutters from your memories and the issues that remind you of pain, struggles and emotional circumstances that as soon as brought on you to seek for comfort in drugs. It may demand you to move to a new home or city if you have the opportunity to do it. A modify of setting may possibly open new doors of opportunities for you and support you overlook about the issues that once created you really feel miserable. Wherever you go, guarantee that you are pleased to be in that new place. Be confident to get in touch with the nearest recovery clinic so that you will have a continued evaluation and help treatment if needed.

im a 41yr old total junkbag!!!have been 4-23yrs!there is noway out four me i really feel i will neva only time ive quit is in prison total 4yrs off n raided my boyfriend n i hes in the feds n im out on 10tho cash soo lost w/ him!!been 2getha attempted 2d 2times so far given that hes been gone n 1st time woke up 5nhalf hrs lata 2nd 7hrs!!do not want 2 live like this any longer have lowered myself two prostitutin four the shit!(HEROIN)so all u young youngsters out there pleeeze its the most miserable life imaginable stop now or u can appear 4ward two prison if ya fortunate or definet death!!take ya choose.goodluck pleeze u guys quit!!!

Ok concerned mom.Almost everything you wrote is YOUR Perspective! Only. I ve been on methadone for eight months and I have four buddies that got on it at the identical time and we're all carrying out so saved our lives. And yes I stopped opiates many instances by myself for a lot of months at a time but soon after a while, your endorphine levels don't get back to regular right away so methadone comes in as a great help. I utilized to be the one particular saying the identical things you said: makes individuals lazy,bla bla bla excuses this,excuses that. The only point is I hope you do not feel that you are appropriate and everybody else is wrong simply because your's is just an opinion. If you're wise sufficient you will recognize what I imply.

This post is devastatingly misleading and hurtful to our society. The mother of my twins is ADDICTED to Methadone. Like most customers, it is prescribed to her due to the fact she claims to have Discomfort (NOT a herion addiction). She has been ADDICTED to discomfort killers, given that I first met her in 1998. The Methadone causes her to fall asleep standing up (dropping cigarettes and nearly killing her family Every day and/or night). She is over-prescribed the medication (392 per month), and as a outcome, she sells them on the streets to other folks who are ADDICTED to them. In case I did not say this: Methadone is Very ADDICTIVE, IS PRESCRIBED TO MOST People FOR Discomfort (a sythetic opiate for gods sake), and a large percentage of people who are prescribed the medication, sell it for $25 per pill, on the streets. This post is LIES.


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