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we are timeless

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I'll admit this is a good mix but I can't give it a proper like because you removed the watermark from the picture of them hugging for your album art and that is rude/illegal. and that makes me sad because you've got good music on here.

Had a whoooooole discussion about this on tumblr. Do you find yourself unable to like mixes with covers made from screencaptures without logos? reblog gifs on tumblr made from illegal downloads? watch fanvideos made from torrents? The pictures themselves are actually taken of another person's intellectual property.
I appreciate the compliment to the mix, but consider that.

You are right. And for the most part I don't. I'm glad that you hold people accountable for that though. That's a good thing. I realize that this is a thing that happens that I try to avoid but still. This seems like a small thing but it's more simple and seems avoidable considering the other pictures that aren't watermarked but oh well I digress. Thank you for calling me and others out to have the same standards for everything. Though I do try to uphold the same level with those things by not watching illegal postings and reblogs and such of the things you mentioned. Though yes I do slip sometimes. As an artist/writer I have a high respect for intellectual property and try to give credit where credit is due. Hence me giving you the credit of putting together a great mix. So no I'm not perfect but I try to give credit in things like this.