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The sound of Oregon

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I want to move to Portland, I'm in Salem now, so I try to get up there fairly often. I want to go to New York so bad, it seems amazing. There is just something about Portland though, it doesn't feel like anywhere else.

i have a huge crush on portland - if new york didn't have my heart....(and it wasn't so difficult to move to Vancouver) pdx is where i would dwell....

Hahahah Exactly! I actually took that picture in the Gorge. Thank you so much though. Everything on it just makes me think of cereal doughnuts and walking through the Pearl before going over the the Mississippi, and all of the trees that line the streets. Glad someone that knows the area agrees!

this is like the sound track to day that starts with a pyscolisybin breakfast in the columbia gourge - and max train rides - then 420 before vodoo doughtus by track 7 :P.. you have great taste

This is a great mix!
I've been trying to make it out to Oregon for a while and I'm finally going out there in a bit