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The body is free, but the mind and soul never forget. As you suffer silently, they have you, still, and the memory of them will never let you go. You are still the Emperor Slave, he is still the Champion of Gladiators, but the future looms like hope on the horizon. Servants to duty, to a tyrant, to a witch, to the thrill of a fight, to your own minds. A daughter born of the Empire and betrayed by what she believed in, and a son dragged kicking and screaming into it.

btw n o t romance. NOT. NO. This is more of a kinship.
Also now that season two has dropped kicked my ass straight into the exosphere and beyond the Oort cloud aND introduced so many great, new characters, I'm ready to wait another 6+ months in wait ;) Voltron is gettin hella spicy and i AM ALL HERE FOR THAT

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