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  • ALi by Ali
  • 우연히 봄 (Spring Is Gone by Chance) [Girl Who Sees Smell by LOCO & Yuju (GFRIEND)
  • t 윤미래 t Yoon Mi Rae [School 2015] by 너의 얘길 들어줄게 I'll Listen to What You Have to Say
  • 최고의 행운 by 첸 (Chen) (EXO)
  • 그대 때문에 (Because Of You) [Healer OST Part 5] by 저스트 (Just)
  • Love, That One Word (사랑 그 한마디) [You're All Surrounded OST] by Taeyeon
  • Ben (벤) BeBe Mignon by Healer OST Part 4 (YOU)
  • Tiffany(티파니) (Blood(블러드) OST Part.1) by Only One ‘온리 원'
  • My Destiny (OST. You Who Came from the Stars) by Lyn
  • Moment (The Heirs OST Part.3 [상속자들 OST Part.3 ]) by Changmin(이창민 [2AM])
  • Tiffany (SNSD) by By Myself
  • 그러지마요 (Don't Do That) [High Society by Acoustic Collabo
  • 눈물이 맘을 훔쳐서 (Tears Stole The Heart)[Secret OST.] by Ailee (에일리)
  • Lee Sang Gon (이상곤) [Gu Family Book OST Part.2] by Love Hurts (사랑이 아프다)
  • 이렇게 좋은 날 (A Good Day Like This) [Doctor Stranger OST] by Jeon Hye Won
  • Michael Learns To Rock – Eternal Love (Healer OST Part.1) by D박수봄
  • Winter Love (OST That Winter, The Wind Blows) by The One
  • Lee Jong Hyun (CNBLUE) by Lee Jong Hyun (Cnblue)
  • Apink EunJi & Seo In Guk by All For You
  • Sung Shi Kyung [My Love From The Star OST Part 8] by Every Moment With You
  • That man (Secret Garden OST) by Hyun Bin
  • 행복한 나를 ( Reply 1994 OST Part 5 ) by Kimberly Yang
  • One Person by Big Korean Drama OST
  • Missing You Like Crazy (미치게 보고싶은) [MBC The King 2 Hearts OST.] by Taeyeon (태연)
  • Hello (OST. You Who Came from the Stars) by Hyorin
  • Don't Forget Me by Suzy
  • Why Did You Came Just Now (I Hear Your Voice OST) by Jung Yup
  • Touch Love (주군의태양 OST Part.4) By Two Limes by u-ana
  • Wax by Missing You OST
  • Healer OST Part 2 (When You Hold Me Tight) by Yael Meyer
  • Sunny Side Up (Angry Mom OST Part 2) by 애쉬번 (Ashbun)
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