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Will and Hannibal's groovy tunes


[Art is from camilleflyingrotten on Tumblr]

whats good? i haven't made a mix in forever and oh my god, 8tracks is such trash now. i guess companies will do anything for some more $$$. (totally shadin' at vine, too!)

anyways, i'm back with your favorite gays.

these are throwback songs i think will and hannibal dance to and definitely NOT MURDER PEOPLE to, ha!

expect a TONY and vinesauce mix next, yes this time i will actually keep my promise.

the reason it isn't stony anymore is because steve is a fucking snake who can fucking choke.

also, if anyone cares, i still do love the creatures with all my heart and still watch them. i also love cow chop too haha.

enjoy, and give me some feedback, or requests!

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